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Thanks for taking the time to read my ramblings! 😄

for “instant appearance” […] you could simply revert to client-side JS code.

I will definitely check that out and try to implement client side rendering for webmentions.

On the other hand, only rebuilding the site whenever new content is created, embraces the concept of slow web. I guess anyone taking the time to write a response could also wait until I feel the need to tell something new to show their face up on my site 😅.

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I had a pretty wild debugging ride when implementing go-jamming 😵‍💫.

Problem: go-jamming wasn’t sending webmentions.

There were two root causes to this problem, one on my side, and one on go-jamming’s side.

go-jamming checks the site’s RSS feed where to send webmentions. It expects the raw HTML in the post item’s description tag. But Hugo, by default, puts a summary of a post in there. I could fix that by adapting my theme.

When that was fixed, go-jamming only found inbound URLs to my site. Turns out, the way my theme implemented link rendering would add a bunch of newlines (prettier, why would you do this to me?), that the regex wasn’t capturing. I could fix that in my theme as well.

At least I now know how to debug a go project 👍.