As a developer mom or dad, how do you skill up?

I’m about to have my 2nd child, but I’m struggling to learn new things, or even improve my development skills outside of the job. Do you have any tips?


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@AAMfP @nurettin Do you mind me quoting your replies in a blog post I‘m writing?

@AAMfP Sounds like fun, if you ask me (the playing Lego part)I‘ve come to realization it might not be necessary to keep up with new stuff. After that many years in the industry you‘ve already proven you can keep up and adapt as well.I hope you‘...

@nurettin I guess that‘s a good practice to follow, “just install things“ and not being afraid of that. Thanks!

@chringelI play a lot of Lego with my kid (almost 7yo).No more time to keep up with latest nerdy things. 😭I've spent 20+ years with Java but briefly used Java 8, now I'm on Typescript and the like. Don't even know latest Java version or trendy top...

@chringel Just be patient, soldier on, and skillz will slowly come. Don't be afraid to just install and use new things. Write hello worlds, send messages between threads, between processes, do some simple tasks in every language and every framework y...